Our Service

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total quality Management to clients, aims to have continuous efforts of improvements in productivity, efficiency, effectiveness. As we are driven by innovation, we acquire new knowledge and skills in management, which allows us to seek advanced approaches that will develop quality and fulfill our clients’ needs and satisfaction.

We are driven by teamwork


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how companies conduct their business in an ethical manner; taking into account their impact of social, environmental, economic conditions of the community. We assist our clients in managing their business’s processes to produce an overall positive impact on society to engage with societies in the best way you can.


The MORE you know, the BETTER you do


  • Public relation & media

Through the utilization of all possible media publications; aiming to create a high profile., positive image of the clients. Public relation & media consultants are always in touch with the community; because clients needs full dependence upon the target audience, and their feedback on their products or services. We design public relation programs that reach, engage, captivate, impress and connect with your most-wanted audience.

Reaching you is our venture.


  • Event Management

In managing events we function as an extension of your team to construct events that has meaningful experience; make it unforgettable for your guests. Our passion for gathering people together obliges us to have a solid commitment to excellence all details in order to achieve influential result and events with an impact.


Let PROACT features your event

  • Marketing & advertising

Experience, thinking and creativity that we do best can serve our customers in the field of advertising. Starting from strategic planning, advertising plans to the point of perfect implementation of advertising projects, staged for our customers to easily communicate with the local market and raise public awareness of the market about our customers.

  • ISO services

     √  Quality Management System 9001
     √  Environmental Management System ISO 14001
     √  Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001
     √  Food Safety HACCP &ISO 22001
     √  Information Technology Management System  ISO 27001
     √  Social Accountability Management System ISO 26001
     √  Road Safety Management  System ISO 39001
     √  Laboratory Management System Accreditation 17025

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