PROACT is a professional consulting firm, offers the best local expertise available in Bahrain with the right level of relationships, insight and scalable support staff. It is a Bahrain-based professional service firm with a global experience. It is specialized in business support, Total Quality Management (TQM), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public relation & media, Event  , Marketing & advertising beside private sector development.
PROACT INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY was founded by a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and with broad expertise, having an extensive and solid management consulting experience in the region. To offer local skills, knowledge and experience necessary to support national initiatives of large scale and scope, managed by a team of highly qualified team members.
our main obligation to efficiently meet our clients demands and maximize their highest potential; in order to achieve an excellent services supplied through an ethical manner and to maintain high standards of business ethics with our genuine concern to advocate moral virtues; such as honesty, integrity, truth, kindness and modesty in PROACT between our team members.